General rules

Remote entries are allowed! Send a message at with: file, title, author, descriptive text for the slide, thumbnail image, and if required, instructions for the orga team.

Compo machine

The compo machine will be a PC with Windows, on which we can install software as needed (e.g DOSBox). For anything funkier than that, please bring your own hardware or get in touch with us so that we can prepare the appropriate environment for your production.


PC 4k intro

Play with a few bytes!

PC 64k intro

Play with a few more bytes!

Newskool demo

No size limit, on PC or any modern machine (PlayStation 4, Switch, ...), but it must be real-time!

Oldskool demo

No size limit, on older machines (Atari, Amiga, Commodore 64, ...), but it must be real-time!


Produce an audio track!




Yes, actual food, like, from your kitchen!


It's like working on up to 4 oscilloscopes, but a lot bigger.

We anticipate some really unseen and blasting uber visuals with the first ever multilasers compo.

Lasers are definately not pixels, it's lines across point lists countinusly redrawn. It's damn simple and highly challenging to overcome/use strong hardware limitations : *welcome out of the box !!*

There will be a room dedicated to laser coding at the party. However, one laser+etherdream will be available for test from now on, every Wednesday during the Jack hackerspace open meeting, Metro Buzenval. Remember that there is some frameworks with simulators, see the bootstrap link below.

Useful links:


Anything that doesn't fit in the previous competitions. Get crazy!

Shader Showdown

Tournament of live shader coding happening on Friday and Saturday nights.

Eight participants will compete, 1 vs 1 for 25 minutes, to program the most amazing visual effects. The winner will be selected for the Shader Showdown's Season Finale at the next Revision demoparty!

If you want to participate, tell us and you'll be on the list. First come first served! You'll have to be there both Friday and Saturday nights.