What is Cookie?

Cookie Demoparty is a digital art festival focused on real-time practices.

It has grown from being just a demoparty, and now includes other practices: experimental video games, playful installations, machinimas, live coding performances, and of course, live acts.

This year, we welcome you on November 30 and December 1 at Folie Numérique in Paris, France.

Come over the weekend and watch stunning animations on modern or retro computers, attend to workshops and live performances, or simply meet passionate people around a beer.

Don't be afraid if you are a newcomer, people will kindly help you, so come and enjoy the party!

How much does it cost?

We organize this event to gather artists with different practices, in order to share and develop our cultures. We do not want that money hinders this.

Thus, the entry is at an open price: pay what you want.

This does not mean that the festival is free: we need your support to make the event possible. We simply acknowledge that different visitors have different financial resources, so contribute accordingly.

If you like the event, and would like that it happens again next year, please consider donating!

What to do now?

Check out the timetable and get excited for all the activities.

Announce your visit and see if your friends are coming too!

Check out the location info and prepare your travel and your stay.

If you want to show your work, read the available competitions and their rules, and prepare your entries!


This year, Cookie teams up with Vision'R and presents two audio-visual performances as part of their selection!

Vision'R is the first VJ festival in France (since 2006). The term VJ refers to the sphere of the live image as a whole.

For the last 12 editions, Vision'R proposes alternatives to the colonizations of the imaginary. Wash your eyes, reconnect moving bodies and images, train perceptions, invent the rhythms, thoughts, and sensitive spaces that go with it.

More information (French)